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Supply Chain Business Intelligence

Today’s healthcare supply chain leaders are charged with making many difficult decisions, and they cannot afford to make decisions that are less than optimal.

The best business decisions are made by using the best data available to produce evidence-based solutions. Often the data needed to contribute to the decision-making process resides in disparate information systems. The difficulty of taking information from these systems and pulling that data together in a meaningful way often means that operational decisions are made without utilizing the data needed to make the best decisions.

Optime’s SmartANALYTICS supply chain business intelligence offering makes it possible to extract data from disparate sources (such as the Materials Management System, the Admission/Discharge/Transfer System, The OR system, Lab systems, Other clinical systems, etc.), aggregate it and produce powerful dashboards that create evidence-based discussions among stakeholders – discussions that contribute to better-informed decision-makers and ultimately – the best decisions possible.

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