SmartSPEND is a highly configurable business intelligence application that can range from a simple contract compliance dashboard to a full patient-centric analytics platform. The application can be configured based on need. Optimé has developed an approach and amassed the expertise to combine data from multiple systems into a series of actionable dashboards to meet a variety of healthcare supply chain business needs. For example, it allows an organization to study the true cost of a procedure, using actual cost data from the materials management information system/enterprise resource planning software; the clinical information system; the admissions/discharge/transfer system; and ancillary systems such as pharmacy, radiology and laboratory. Leveraging Optimé’s approach, expertise and toolset, it can help study utilization patterns, clinical effectiveness and contribution margin.

Key Features

  • Analyzes and purchasing trends and provides dashboards for:
    • Market share by vendors
    • Side by side comparisons of user defined time periods.
    • Costs by product categorizations (UNSPSC or customer defined)
  • Analyses in all dashboards can be refined by:
    • Supply type
    • Contract and purchase order designations
    • Customer supplied variables™

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