The SmartSOURCE application has transformed our strategic sourcing operation into a very effective model that manages all of the moving parts of the contract management. We now have visibility to thousands of contracts, their comparative analysis status, value analysis review, cost/benefit by business unit, rebate tracking, business reviews and legal review tracking all in one comprehensive application.

— James P. O’Connor, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Henry Ford Health System

Our supply chain department came away from (working with Optimé) with the knowledge and resources to continually monitor, refine and implement these new approaches in other areas of the institution. Clinicians are able to see and recognize the value of our efforts, and are now requesting our assistance. This eliminates the need for us to push our agenda; we are in the enviable position of having established a pull strategy. And, as a result of the manner in which the Optimé works with healthcare institutions, the clinicians have confidence in our – not our consultants’ – ability to effectuate desired improvements.

— Henry Tomasuolo, Vice President, Support Services, Children’s Hospital Boston


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