SmartSTANDARDS is Optime’s solution to the common Supply Chain challenges related to data integrity and coherence that arise when multiple external parties provide data about the same entities (suppliers, items etc.) but use their own coding and naming standards for them. SmartSTANDARDS solves this problem by providing an enterprise grade Master Data Management software and Data Standardization solution that helps you define a master universe for all key business entities with linkages between each master entity and how it is referenced in each external data source or system. This translation map is available to all applications throughout the enterprise and significantly improves data visibility, integrity and accuracy of analytics and reporting. SmartSTANDARDS helps maximize data coherence and provides visibility into the true nature of data across various business entities and applications, ensuring that apples are always being compared to apples and that all apples are accounted for.

 Key Features

  • Create a master data universe for core business entities (item and supplier)
  • Ability to fully manage (view, add, modify, delete) the master data
  • Detailed history tracking for each master data record
  • Support for product alternatives/substitutes
  • Ability to define flexible and granular matching business rules to be used during standardization
  • Ability to manually review a standardization job and take the necessary actions such a linking or creating a new master record
  • System-wide notification system to manage communication (about suggestions or data publish updates etc.) between application users and data managers

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