About Optime Supply Chain

Optime Supply Chain, Inc. brings together the talents of supply chain professionals with decades of management experience and the international expertise of developers of supply chain applications and mathematical optimization engines. Together, we are working to solve the most complex and intractable supply chain problems.

We realize that to achieve your goals, we can’t just be a technology vendor or a consulting organization or a provider of temporary management services, for separately those are not enough to solve these problems. By combining our people, processes and technology, Optimé helps healthcare providers analyze opportunities, enfranchise stakeholders, engage suppliers, improve the quality of care and reduce costs.

Optimé’s exclusive workflow, analytic and optimization applications are customized to each client’s specific needs. This approach ensures alignment with existing processes, rapid adoption and speed to results.
Optimé brings both a tactical and strategic set of tools to help healthcare facilities adopt best practices and improve the bottom line to deliver superior patient care. These process efficiencies and the Optimé technology platform were created by operation research scientists. This foundation is unique and enables us to:

  • Leverage Six Sigma and Lean methodologies that deliver efficiencies within the healthcare and supply chain environment.
  • Create solutions that use the existing hospital taxonomy; clients do not have to learn a new technology language.
  • Capture efficiencies and sustain them by understanding unique customer requirements.

Our subsidiary company: The Optimé Group
Our sister company, the Optimé Group, is dedicated to solving persistent problems in healthcare labor. Using a set of technology enabled managed services that leverage people, processes and technology, the Optimé Group delivers the best possible labor solutions for the healthcare market. Learn more at www.theoptimegroup.com.

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