SmartWORKFLOW provides strategic sourcing methodology, contract life-cycle management and project savings tracking. The average strategic sourcing department at an individual provider has responsibility and oversight for more than 1,000 contracts. Each contract process has a dozen or more stages, with deadlines for action and dozens of players involved, many not under the control of the supply chain department. Materials management information systems and other applications provide some of the needed information, but not all of it. Truly controlling the contract process means being able to manage the project that results in the agreement, the implementation of the agreement and the lifecycle of the contract. With SmartWORKFLOW, provider organizations understand more holistically where they stand on contract savings, capturing strategic sourcing workflow process data and contract management information in a single repository. Over time, supply chain leaders can come to know where the bottlenecks are in their processes and establish annual savings forecasts by person, by commodity, by supplier and by department.

Key Features

  • Cradle to grave management and tracking of all sourcing activities
  • Allocation of incoming work such as contract renewals and reevaluations
  • Assignment of off-contract spend for contract conversion
  • Requests for new technology and services
  • Contract life-cycle management

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