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Why Optime: Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Healthcare reform, reimbursement cuts and new consumer demands for transparency and accountability are placing unprecedented pressures on health systems. New forms of provider alignment are under way, from medical homes to accountable care organizations to more tightly integrated health delivery networks. To survive in this climate, health care providers must control costs, enhance revenue and improve quality.

The healthcare supply chain, which accounts for at least a third of hospital costs, offers a huge opportunity to achieve each of those goals. To get there – if you find that you need help – is where Optimé Supply Chain comes in.

Five critical challenges routinely plague healthcare supply chain management:

  • Presenting quality data that will withstand stakeholder interrogation
  • Engaging stakeholders in expense management processes
  • Solving complex supplier bid analytics
  • Tracking, marketing and monitoring expense management success
  • Integrating direct cost, quality and revenue data

Optimé addresses each of these challenges.

Through service line analytics that transform data on cost, profitability, utilization and quality into easily understood dashboards, Optimé sparks an informed conversation with stakeholders. Variation is reduced and comparative effectiveness and margin optimization studies are greatly enhanced.

Leveraging our supply chain optimization software, Optimé lowers costs through price concessions, incentive maximization and waste reduction.

Increased transparency and accountability are empowered through workflow applications that ensure that performance aligns with expectations.

Perhaps the most important success of any improvement project is sustainability. Some healthcare providers hire consultants to achieve cost savings, but when the consultants leave, so do the results. Many supply chain leaders look to their GPOs for assistance, but find that their advice can be biased. Some buy software solutions, but change management is overwhelming and only small portions of the investment’s functionality are typically utilized. Still others seek experienced talent, but find that to be a very competitive arena.

With experienced practitioners matched to your specific needs, an extensive library of best practices customized to fit your culture and the right configuration of our suite of web-based technology applications, we achieve and ensure sustainability of the desired outcomes. In short, Optimé offers a recipe for long-term expense management success.

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